How Do I Find Dehydrated Tomato Powder In Pune?

Posted by Admin on September, 06, 2023

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Dehydrated tomato powder is a special kind of product prepared by drying ripe tomatoes and grinding them into a special powder. It serves as a concentrated and flexible form of tomato that can be widely used in different food applications.

Have a look at the key points related to the dehydrated tomato powder:

Process of the Production:


Take the ripe tomatoes. They are supposed to be washed, sliced, and then dried using methods like air drying, sun drying, or low-temperature oven drying. The ambition is to remove the moisture content from the tomatoes while keeping their nutrients and flavour.

Grinding: If the tomatoes are fully dehydrated, they are ground into a superfine powder using focused equipment.



Dehydrated Tomato Powder in Pune gives the flavour and essence of fresh tomatoes in a concentrated form. It's simple to store and has a long shelf life compared to fresh tomatoes.

Flavour Addition

The powder is quite tomato-flavoured, making it an outstanding addition to soups, sauces, stews, and additional dishes. It gives a highly deep, strong tomato taste without adding excess moisture.

Ingredient Versatility

Tomato powder can be utilised as a flavouring, seasoning, or natural colouring agent in different recipes. It's appropriate for both cooked and uncooked food items.

Sauce and soup-based

It's sometimes used to quickly create tomato sauces, soups, and stocks. By rehydrating the powder with water or broth, you can achieve the desired consistency.

Pizza and pasta

Tomato powder can be added to the dough of the pizza, or pasta dough, or sprinkled on the best of the pizzas to bring out the best tomato flavour.


It works super well as a seasoning for popcorn, roasted vegetables, and chips.

Long shelf life

If a person properly stores the products, dehydrated tomato powder can last for a year or even longer, making it useful for the stability of the pantry.

Tips for Use:

Rehydration: To use dehydrated tomato powder, you can mix it with water to create a paste or sauce base. The ratio depends on the desired thickness and concentration.

Boosting Flavours

It works wonderfully to develop the flavour of dishes where adding fresh tomatoes might bring in extreme moisture.

Blending with spices

The powder can be mixed with more herbs and spices to create custom seasoning blends.

Allow proper storage

It is easy to store the powder in an airtight container. Moreover, as far as the atmosphere is concerned, you should keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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